Muscle Diva Workout

Muscular Female Workout – Working out every day can get a little tedious even for the most die hard trainer.  Denise Masino is no exception, but always thinking outside the box, she always finds ways to spice things up.  She often works out alone in her home gym and after her weight session it’s time for the boring cardio work.  Gotta keep the burn going in order for the muscle to show through.  To spice it up Denise will get on the treadmill nude and set a pace.  Loving the nude feeling and the freedom turns her own like crazy. Soon she is rubbing her huge clit while trying to concentrate on her pace.  This is not an easy task and she soon dumps the treadmill for a chair and proceeds to work her pussy frantically.  Her muscles course with pleasure and soon the room is filled with her moans as one orgasm after another tears through her sweat soaked body.  Her muscled nude physique arched and quaking with each wave of pleasure.  Burning many more calories than she ever could on a machine, she slumps back exhausted and panting.  Another “boring” round of cardio completed it’s time to hit the shower.

Muscle Woman Working Out Nude

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