Denise Toilet Time

Denise Masino – Up until this point I have pointed out how Denise combines sensuality and muscle into a perfect storm of beauty. Today I am changes gears and showing just what a dirty slut she can be when the mood strikes her.  If you are like me you probably have not taken your eyes off her meaty pussy lips and huge clit poking through.  You just have to think that the electricity that runs through that monster is high voltage and probably the reason she likes sex as much as she does.  Being a muscle woman is icing on the cake when you can show off a hungry pussy and amazing clit of that size to the world.  It’s easy to see why she is smiling all the time as that things must be rubbing against anything she is wearing at all times.  Changing panties must be an hourly occurrence as she’d be soaked right down to her socks! Then again, Denise is not to like clothes, so I doubt this is much of an issue for her.  The cool thing is her willingness to cross over from glitzy muscle pinup girl to slutty female bodybuilder vixen with ease.  Focusing not on her physique, but simply her pussy and tits in and less than glamourous setting makes the shoot even hotter than normal

Denise Masino Showing Her Big Clit

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