Denise Strips After Workout

Naked Female Bodybuilder – Hey you!…take your eyes off that huge clit for a moment and let me tell you what you really see.  Denise Masino is easily the sexiest and most erotic woman in all of female bodybuilding. She packs 140 pounds of chisled sexy muscle on her 5-2 frame while all the time mindful of keeping her extreme femaninity and sensuality. Really, how many muscle women can look this hot with wrist wraps? Then again, if you were looking at those you have some issues.  The only thing sticking out further than her perky half inch nipples is that monster erect and delicious clit.  You can just imagine what it would be like to flip that monster around with your tongue, or better yet, feel it riding against your cock as she slams her muscled hips to meet your every thrust.  Christ….her pelvic muscles along are strong enough where you wouln’t have to move.  She is one amazing female bodybuilder and a downright stunning nude female bodybuilder.

Denise Masino Strips After Her Workout

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