Denise Masino Video | Her Huge Clit

Denise Masino has long been considered the queen of female bodybuilder porn.  Her sex drive is legendary as is her passion for pleasure.

Well, today you’re going to see one of the biggest reason she is so popular.  Her clit is absolutely huge. Watching her rub it like a little cock is memorizing. No wonder she likes sex so much. She can’t keep her fingers off that monster!

big clit

I’ve seen some hot videos of Denise lately and I’m sure you’ll agree this one gets your blood boiling. She knows how to work that pussy and clit!

This smoking hot Denise Masino video had me from the start. I love how uninhibited she is while working that big clit.  She masturbates with such a passion and loves knowing everyone else is getting off right with her.

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Mistress Denise Masino Masturbating

Here is another sexy scene of the horniest woman in female bodybuilding.  Denise Masino alone in a chair talking dirty while she rubs her HUGE clit.  She’s playing the mistress role and asks if you are man enough to take her.  What would you give up to be with her. How bad do you want her.  These are questions you’ll be asking yourself after you watch this hot video!

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Denise And Her New Clit Pump

What a hot video this one turned out to be.  Editing my own videos is fun for me because it gives me an insight into the people on film.  One conclusion I have easily drawn is Denise Masino is truly the horniest woman there is!  In this video she tells us about finding the perfect clit pump for her pussy, and proceeds to show us exactly how she uses it in a very erotic way. Muscle women have the biggest clits and Denise has probably the biggest of them all.

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Denise Masino Teases Her Big Clit

Denise is on vacation in New Orleans and she’s been nice enough to bring her camera along to document her trip.  First things first ya know.  Being ultra horny all the time, she first had to have a little solo fun.  Her huge clit is amazing and after showing us how turned on she was, she lays back and starts massaging that monster.   Her orgasm at the end is almost interrupted by room service.  I just love the way female bodybuilders are so horny all the time.

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Denise Masino – A Leg Up

This is staple shot of all porn shots.  The view from the bottom seems to entice more than any other shot there is.  I wonder if it’s the feeling the viewer is somewhat submissive and looking up at their object of desire places that object on a pedestal   Place Denise Masino on a pedestal would really not be hard.  Looking up at those huge nipples and full tits would make me hard in seconds. Seeing her toy stuffed deeply into her wet pussy and watching her meaty lips and huge clit glisten with wetness would drive me crazy with desire.  That is one mountain I wouldn’t mind climbing at all.

Muscle Woman Masturbates With Vibrator

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Denise Masino And Her Big Dong

Ultra horny Denise can’t wait to take out her new toy and get down to business.  Quickly unwrapping her new rubber friend, Denise props it on a table and proceeds to impale her hungry pussy to the hilt.  Her super sensative female bodybuilder clit sticks out like a small cock and while rubbing the full length of the rubber shaft.  Her breathing increases and moans come from her lips as she reaches her awaited climax!

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Showing Her Big Clit

Muscle Woman Masturbation - Denise Masino is wearing one of her favorite outfits at the moment. Doesn’t cover much but when you have a body like this fitness model who cares. Denise sits down and makes sure she’s nice and comfy, then this bodybuilding babe spreads those legs wide and lets us check out her freaking huge clit! Its totally massive and so is this muscle babes desire for pleasure. She takes out a cute looking sex toy and rubs it all over her pussy, feeling the juices flowing inside and wants to just fuck herself hardcore with it. Denise gives in and inserts the dildo all the way into her cunt, swallowing it whole!

Denise Sitting On Vibrator Showing Her Big Clit

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Horny Denise Masturbating

Muscular Woman Masturbating - Things got a little wild with Denise Masino as today she was in one of the most horny moods I’ve ever seen her in before. She didn’t even make it down her steps, instead she lays down on them and starts playing with herself. She slides those busty boobs out, then pulls out a red dildo. That is going to get some action from her pussy soon enough, but first she’s going to tease herself so she’ll be nice and moist for the hardcore pleasure she’ll be giving herself. She runs the sex toy up her pussy, stopping at the top and lets it slide all the way back down, suddenly inserting it into her waiting vagina. The look on her face as she feels it enter her is freaking awesome, and you can tell right away that this female bodybuilder is in heaven right now.

Sensual Masturbating Muscle Woman

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Muscular Female Playing

Female Bodybuilder Masturbation – Standing only 5-2, this savvy and sexy Puerto Rican beauty has carved out a huge niche in the sport of female bodybuilding.  She’s spunky and independent which shows through in her photos and videos.  Being open minded allows her insatiable appetite for sex to shine through loud and clear.  Using her amazingly muscular body to enhance the pleasure of not only herself, but her many girlfriends.  Trying anything once is how she lives her life and that certainly includes her sexual side, and she certainly comes up with some amazing ideas to keep her admirers and lovers interested.  She knows what she likes and is not afraid to go after it.  She will take charge of her lovers and their pleasure, but can also be taken if it’s the right person.  The ultimate goal is sexual satisfaction for all involved and she rarely fails to succeed.

Naked Female Bodybuilder Masturbating

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Denise Pumps Her Clit

Nude Female Bodybuilder – For a woman who has as big a clit as Denise Masino does you would think she wouldn’t have a need to “pump it up” wouldn’t you? Nope, not this ultra sexual nympho muscle woman.  True to her insatiable need to cum, Denise pulls out a cute little pump that fits snugly over her huge throbbing clit and pumps the hell out it sending shockwaves through her body with each pump.  Starting slowly her meaty member gets sucked deeper into the cylinder while her juices start to flow down her pussy lips on to the sheets.  Her head shoots back as she growns while the first of several monster orgasms engulf her muscular body.  Female bodybuilders are deeply in tune with their bodies, and Denise uses this to coax her body to new heights of sexual pleasure and release.  Stuffing first one, then three fingers deep inside her soaked pussy, her well conditioned muscles grasp and clamp with each thundering contraction until she collapses utterly spent.

Nude Denise Masino Pumping Her Clit

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