Amazon Muscle Woman Workout

Muscle Women Workout –┬áIt’s workout time and who better to show us how its done than Denise Masino. This lovely fitness babe loves keeping fit and active and you only need to look at her body to see that. Denise is looking totally sexy in her workout uniform, but she’s not going to keep that on for long. She pulls the front of her shirt up and lets us take a nice look at her amazing tits. This Female Bodybuilder now moves over to some of her exercise equipment and starts showing us how to use it. She goes nice and slow and makes sure we’ll be able to exercise along with her. Now she starts picking up the pace and even starts lifting some weights. Looks like it’s going to be a long workout so make sure you’re ready for it.

Denise Posing After A Hard Workout

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Muscle Woman Workout

  1. Hello Denise!

    I’m a great adorer of female genitals. Especially I like juicy, meaty cunt lips and even more huge clits. I like it all shaved. In nature I’ve never seen such a wonderful clitoris like yours, and rarely only in the internet.

    I would like to let you know that the sight of your clit and that wonderful glans created undescribable pleasure to me – for several months, but now I would like to tell you how great your feminine appearance is to me: a lonely old and sick man in far old Europe.

    Even in my native language German I wouldn’t find words to express how deeply delicious the view of your magic cunt and it’s overwhelming clit is and what it means to me: Being lonesome for nearly 20 years – every now and then I take a visual ride in the internet.

    Dear Denise! My hopes are: 1. that my message reaches you, 2. that you would understand what I’m trying to say in a foreign language, and 3. that you would have a long and happy life in health. Health is important and my best wish. All other things you might wish you could buy having enough money.

    I’d like to send my cordial greetings from Hamburg, a town on the river Elbe in North Germany (the 2nd or 3rd biggest harbour in Europe and – as far as I know – the 10th biggest in the world) – there are a lot of lonely hearts, but I guess few only having had the privilege of ever having seen your lovely cunt, that wonderful big clit, and that adorable glans. I would like to lick and kiss all those natural miracles.

    I have been on the dole for more than 14 years, and I’ve got an unskilled worker’s job in part time; so you needn’t be afraid that I ever could afford a ticket to America. I would never do you any harm, but I still like to kneel down in front of these beautiful pics and vids of a miraculous cunt. Thank you for these images! (By the way: I’m more or less heterosexual, so I like your titties as well, but in the first place I’m a cunt fetishist, and your’s is so great).

    I don’t even wish to fuck you – my greatest pleasure is the crotch between your legs – with or without panties. By the way: Are there any pics of you and a slip ouvert?

    Anyway: I would like to express how happy you made me with those overwhelming pics and vids, and how thankful I am. Thanks, dear Denise!

    Good luck, and good health! Perhaps you might carry on producing pics and vids – I’ll be a follower, but not a stalker.

    Nice dreams for tonight – and best greetings from Hamburg


    (a name that is slightly differentially pronounced in English and in German – but what does it matter? MY last lines are a quotation from a song by Blood, Sweat, and Tears: “You made me so very happy”…) – Bye!

  2. Denise, you are incredibly beautiful. I think you have the perfect body and of course a gorgeous face. Thank you for your beautiful and very sexy pictures and videos. I have been a fan for a long time. This is the first time i have written to you. Good luck on your future. I hope you continue to do well. Thanks again for sharing your hot sexiness.

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