Denise Masino Big Clit | You Won’t Believe How Big

For those of you into big clits, I have a treat for you.  Everyone who loves nude female bodybuilders knows of the clit that Denise Masino has.  It’s enormous and next to her body, it’s her “biggest” asset.  Well, I found this video that will blow your mind.  She’s at home and starts to play with her clitty while someone if filming.  She looks to be by the back door, so the amateurish theme is really present.  She finger and strokes that monster and you’ll swear it looks like a small cock!  I’ve not seen anything that hot in quite a while.  Give it a look and see if you agree with me.

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Sexy Muscle Workout | Denise Masino Working Out

I love these types of images.  Well, she’s obviously nude which is a start.  The unshevleled look where you can see she’s busted her ass in a sexy muscle workout and is worn out. I suspect her post workout endorphin’s are on the rise and she pussy is quivering about now.

Denise makes no apologies for her super high sex drive and after a hard workout there is no better time for a orgasmic release to relax her tired muscles.  I have yet to come across anyone nude like that in my gym, but I do hold out hope for one day….lol  This looks to be a home gym though on her part judging from what looks like a garage door behind her.

Who cares really.  I just love the shot and will certainly use it for continued motivation

Denise Masino Nude Workout

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Lesbian Female Bodybuilders | Denise Masino And Roxy Rain

Here is a hot video featuring two of horniest lesbian female bodybuilders you are going to come across in Denise Masino and Roxy Rain .  Adding to the excitement is the use of a fucking machine that each takes turns using to impale their throbbing pussies.  Considering each of these hotties is in her late 40’s, it’s amazing how fit their bodies are and how ferocious their sexual appetites are.

The chemestry between them is electric and it’s quite obvious they are attracted to each other.  Their pleasure is not hidden as that dildo plows into each of them at rapid fire pace.  Denise especially seems to enjoy the workout and her pussy swallows that rod like a hungry dog.  While I’d love to see more of these two getting fucked by a real cock, I’ll gladly take whatever I can get, and this video works just fine for me.

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Denise Masino Clit | Webcam Masturbation Fun

You haven’t see a clit until you’ve gazed your eyes on a Denise Masino clit.  That delicious button in is huge and man does she love to show it off and rub it down.  Who can blame her really.  Denise’s sex drive is off the charts and she loves letting us all in on her daily……..hell, almost hourly sex and masturbation session.  With how much she gets her pussy used, it’s amazing she has time for anything else!  I found this hot little video yesterday and thought I would share.  Denise on webcam apparently and giving the audience quite a show.  We get the see it from a much better angle that the webcam folks.  I loved it and her muscled body undulates and slithers while her vibrator pulses against her hard clit and very meaty pussy lips.  Go ahead……..take a look and see if  you agree this is one of her hottest videos.

****Update**** The video I had originally posted about was removed by the tube hosting it.  I have added what I think is an even better video with Denise working her monster clit with her robe on in the morning.  Very hot video that I’ll think you’ll like :-)

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Denise Masino Back Against The Wall

Denise Masino looks amazing as her body is not quite as muscular at the moment, but with enough to make her look like a fitness model.  Her tits of course are round and firm with huge erect nipples.  I’d love to know if they are always like that.  I’ve never seen those nipples where they weren’t almost painfully hard.  Her flat stomach is super sexy as is her delicious pussy.  I just want to bury my face in those lips and work her big clit over for hours. How many orgasms could this muscle woman coax out of her buff body?  Probably no one knows, but I”d love to find out!

Buff Fitness Babe WIth Big TIts And Huge Clit

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Denise Masino Video | Her Huge Clit

Denise Masino has long been considered the queen of female bodybuilder porn.  Her sex drive is legendary as is her passion for pleasure.

Well, today you’re going to see one of the biggest reason she is so popular.  Her clit is absolutely huge. Watching her rub it like a little cock is memorizing. No wonder she likes sex so much. She can’t keep her fingers off that monster!

big clit

I’ve seen some hot videos of Denise lately and I’m sure you’ll agree this one gets your blood boiling. She knows how to work that pussy and clit!

This smoking hot Denise Masino video had me from the start. I love how uninhibited she is while working that big clit.  She masturbates with such a passion and loves knowing everyone else is getting off right with her.

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Denise Masino Naked |Tables Are Turned

A while back I posted A picture with Denise Masino naked as a Domintrix and her slave was wrapped up and ready to take his beating.  Showing her diversity, we now find our muscled Dom not in leather with riding crop, but naked with fear in her eyes as her wrists are bound tightly to a metal structure.  She is naked….stripped of her shell and dignity.  Seeing this muscle vixen bound and powerless is incredibly arousing.  She no longer has control and is herself now a slave to someone else’s sadistic desires.  Only seems fair now doesn’t it?

Bound And Powerless Muscle Woman

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Mistress Denise Masino Masturbating

Here is another sexy scene of the horniest woman in female bodybuilding. Denise Masino masturbating alone in a chair talking dirty while she rubs her HUGE clit.  She’s playing the mistress role and asks if you are man enough to take her.  What would you give up to be with her. How bad do you want her.  These are questions you’ll be asking yourself after you watch this hot video!

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Denise Masino | Just A Beautiful Ass

I love the way Denise Masino is so open that she can pose in very provocative ways and not feel self conscious about it.  Of course, with a body like that, why would she be self conscious about anything really.  Her pussy lips are so fucking big I keep wanting to describe her pussy and just plain “hungry”, because that’s what it looks like to me.  A hungry pussy in constant need of cock.  Bent over and ready to please is what she seems to want to tell us here.  I would have no problem stepping up to bat……Would you??

Denise Masino Great Ass

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Lesbian Female Bodybuilder |Denise Masino & Melissa Dettwiller

Here is one not to be missed. Two of the horniest muscle women on the planet are back for another lesbian female bodybuilder trist. These two hotties really are into each other. Denise licks and nibbles Melissa’s huge clit as she groans and wiggles on the bench. Her body suddenly arches back as her orgasm hits her like a brick. She returns the favor by taking Denise’s HUGE clit into her mouth. The thing looks like a little cock as she sucks it in deeply as Denise quivers in pleasure. Great Video!

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